How lift down time effects your business

As a business owner, It is crucial to ensure that all operations run smoothly. When an essential asset, such as a lift, fails, this can cause major disruptions to daily operations, likely to result in frustrating moments during peak operating hours.

Lift downtime can be highly inconvenient for business, and it is critical to understand the potential impact it can have on the company's profitability. Lift downtime may have the following effects on your business:

Lost productivity

When a lift fails, it has a significant impact on employee productivity. They may be unable to move around the building efficiently, leading to reduced performance. Employees who work on higher floors may have difficulty accessing the resources they require, while those who rely on the lift to perform their daily duties could very well come to a complete halt. This can have an impact on the company's overall productivity and the quality of work produced.

Decreased customer satisfaction

If your company relies on customer traffic, a broken lift can significantly decrease customer satisfaction. Long wait times or the inability to access certain areas of the building may frustrate customers. This can create a negative impression of the company, as well as lost business as customers could choose to go elsewhere.

Safety risks

Lift downtime can also endanger both employees and customers. If the elevator fails, employees may be forced to take the stairs between floors, which can be physically demanding and unsafe. Customers, particularly those who have mobility issues, will be affected in some cases.

Increased maintenance costs

When an elevator fails, it may require costly repairs.The longer the lift is out of service, the more costly the repairs may be. Furthermore, lift downtime may lead to greater long-term maintenance costs because the lift may require more frequent servicing or repairs.

Finally, lift downtime can have a significant impact on a business, resulting in lost productivity, decreased customer satisfaction, safety risks, and increased maintenance costs. To reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, it is critical to ensure that lifts are regularly maintained and inspected. Businesses can take steps to reduce risks and ensure smooth operations by understanding the impact of lift downtime.

How can Caledonian Lifts help?

With regular scheduled maintenance and inspections our team of quality engineers can identify, and address potential issues before they lead to major breakdowns, helping prevent unnecessary downtime and disruption. 

See the Planned Maintenance section on our website to see what we offer.

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