Modernise your lift

It may be better to modernise your existing lift rather than completely replace it. Any modernisation will ensure your lift meets current standards and regulations and of course improve safety.

A more cost effective, less disruptive solution

Is a brand new lift the correct solution for your business? Are you concerned about the safety of your lift, and would you like to upgrade it to make sure it meets the latest industry standards and regulations? A lift modernisation could be a better, more cost-effective solution than getting a brand-new lift. By transforming your existing lift and making it work just like a brand-new installation, you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern lift without the hassle of replacing it.

This is achieved by replacing the old components with brand new components that are fully compliant with the current lift regulations, and using the latest technologies to improve the performance and efficiency of your current lift. A modernisation package can also help to improve the aesthetics of your lift, ensuring it looks as good as new while still providing a reliable and safe service.

Most if not all of the equipment on your lift can be upgraded to bring it to current standards, and the reduced lead time makes it much quicker than an entirely new installation.

We carry out a survey of your equipment to determine whether it can be modernised. If your lift is eligible for modernisation, the benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved appearance & image
  • Greater ride quality
  • Minimal disruption in the building
  • Reduced running costs

Fitted with the latest technology and with a focus on energy efficiency, your existing lift will look and feel like a brand-new unit.

  • Retaining existing equipment

    Where possible, we aim to retain all the major components of the lift, focusing on updating the appearance and systems, as well as addressing any potential safety hazards.

    Our team will carry out a survey to determine:

    • What can be retained
    • What needs to be replaced or upgraded
    • What can be done - without compromising the final solution
    • The most cost-effective route
  • Modernisation vs New Installation

    There are many benefits to choosing a modernisation over an entirely new lift installation, including:

    • More cost effective
    • Less disruptive to the building
    • Faster installation
    • Reduced procurement time on replacement parts

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